Eurythenes plasticus

The ocean
goes deep.

The ocean plastic problem is so bad that new deep-sea species are being found already contaminated by plastic. To highlight this, the German branch of the WWF made history and got the world talking and taking action.

Plastic proliferates at the
of the Mariana trench.

A new deep-sea species named after the plastic found inside its body.

When you find a new species, you get to give it a name. To make an environmental statement against ocean plastic, we named a new deep-sea species after the plastic that was found inside its body - Eurythenes plasticus.

Please watch the case study.

Getting drastic on plastic.

We took an actionable approach to the scientific publication of Plasticus and transformed that into an interactive deep-dive journey using a mixture of organic and paid social assets to drive the user to the main campaign objective - sign the petition.

The campaign ran in Germany. Below you can find the messaging translation
that was repeated throughout the social assets.

Selected organic assets

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The results.

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