Gamers Swap Demon Souls for Angel Souls in Life Saving PlayStation 5 Stunt

Demon's Souls is a game where players invade other player's worlds in order to kill them. Save One Person, an organization that connects living organ donors to patients by an app, saw in the game an opportunity to spread its message, by playing it in a whole different way. It invited 2 streamers that, Instead of starting fights, they unexpectedly gave their opponents a revival item. As the gamers donate life in the virtual world, they spread the word that anyone can donate life in the real world too by downloading the Save One Person app and registering as a living organ donor.

Over the past two decades, the number of patients waiting for a transplant continues to be larger than the number of organ donors. And with the pandemic, this gap got even bigger.

The gaming community is growing day by day. And it is also known for being a united community who cares about important issues around the world. By giving a simple twist to one of the hardest games ever made, Save One Person was able to prove to players all over the world how important and easy it is to give others a second chance.